HER DAMIT is an intricate techno and house music festival held 50km from Berlin at the Bunkeranlage Freudenberg. THE RAVE GOES ON!

GOOD TO KNOW A festival is not a ready-made product, but rather a kit system containing various components which eventually meld together into a large, cohesive whole. As we will be working on the realisation of HER DAMIT 2018 during the next months, we will also add and update the info on this page. Check back here regularly to make sure you’re always up-to-date!

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The festival area and the camping site are barrier-free and handicapped accessible – however in some areas it can get a bit bumpy and rough. Of course, there will be handicapped accessible toilets on site.

Admission for an accompanying person is free if the attendance is noted as required in the disabled person’s pass (according to German disability pass annotation „B“).

We reserve the right to check IDs at the doors and during the event. We also reserve the right to refuse access to HER DAMIT or to expel anyone who is not 18 years of age or older – even if that person is in possession of a ticket. In such a case the ticket cannot be refunded.

Please make sure to bring a valid ID card! Student cards, health insurance member cards, credit cards or copies of any ID card are not sufficient.

Minors may access HER DAMIT only accompanied by their parent or legal guardian – no exceptions!

START / END Friday from 10 am – you can stay until Monday afternoon. The last shuttle from the location goes on Monday at 2pm.

MUSIC & RAVING Friday 15pm till Sunday evening.

SHUTTLES A Bassliner-Shuttle-Service will be leaving on different days. Pick up stations, time tables and prices will follow soon.

BY CAR Getting there by car is ONLY allowed for holders of a car parking ticket (Auto-Ticket)! Car parking tickets are strictly limited due to local conditions and only available via our online pre-sale. If you cannot show a car parking ticket, you will not be allowed to park on-site or anywhere else nearby.

BY CARAVAN / MOBILE HOME For owners of caravans or mobile homes we offer a separate caravan ticket (Camper/WoMo-Ticket). The caravan tickets are strictly limited and only available via our online pre-sale. If they are sold out, we advise you to choose another way of getting there (e.g. taking a shuttle). Caravan tickets are not valid for cars!

BY BIKE Optional, not mandatory! If you get to HER DAMIT by bike you can store it at our guarded „bike park“. Please bring your own bike lock.

The camping site is separated from the festival site. A site plan will follow shortly. Please keep in mind that the car parking and the caravan area are separate from the camping site and that no tents can be pitched in these areas.

ASSEMBLED TENTS & CAMPING ACCESSOIRES To avoid carrying heavy luggage and stress you can rent camping tents at www.zeltheld.com, which are already set up when you arrive at the festival and will be disassembled after you’ve left the festival. Of course you can also just rent camping accessories (e.g. chairs, airbeds) which can be collected anytime on site at the ZELTHELD-booth.

GLAMPING This year there will be again a DOMO Camp. The DOMO-tents (for 2-6 persons) and the ASGARD-tents (for 2 persons) are equipped with comfortable mattresses and real bed linen. Moreover there will be a comfy bean bag, table, rack and a stack for your wardrobe.

With every booking you support the friendly society More Than Shelters e.V., which goal it is to create livable conditions for refugees and people in need in crisis regions.

Further information, prices and booking options can be found soon

In 2016 the Federal Ministry of Finance has come up with a regulation called „Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassenSichV)“ which requires us to make use of an electronic cashier system.

A cashless payment system is by definition an electronic cashier system. Additionally, cashless payment enables us to confine the circulation of cash to only a few spots on site and thus prevent theft on a smaller and larger scale. The biggest advantage such a system has to offer to us is the fact that we can get rid of the cash float hassle during the event: we neither have to carry around huge amounts of money in the dark nor have them lying around all the time.

Drinking water stations will, of course, be situated on-site. However, we wish to point out that not every water tap found at the location in Freudenberg does provide drinking water – please make sure you only use those water taps which are labelled as drinking water.

FESTIVAL SITE Open fire (that also includes barbecues!) and any kind of pyrotechnic articles are strictly forbidden on the festival site.

CAMPING SITE There will be designated barbecue areas.

Paramedics will be located on-site. Please take care of each other – if you notice someone’s feeling unwell, please get some help!

HER DAMIT does not offer any childcare activities nor has it a dedicated family area.

Anyone under the age of 18 may access HER DAMIT only accompanied by his or her parents or legal guardian – no exceptions will be made.

All residents of the town nearby are more than welcome to join us at HER DAMIT. By presenting a valid ID card at the doors inhabitants will receive free admission.

If you miss something, you can send us an email to lost@herdamitfestival.com after the festival. Please explain as detailed as possible what you’re missing. If we have found what you’re looking for, we are happy to send it back to you (the shipping costs will be covered by yourself). You have one month after the festival to claim your lost belongings. Everything that’s left over after that month will be given to charity.

Whoever is parking unauthorized on any of the side roads will be towed away. The town nearby is a very small, idyllic village with just a few narrow streets holding only a certain capacity of cars. To be honest, these streets are barely enough to meet the needs of the actual inhabitants. Due to official requirements and out of respect and consideration for the local community we take this issue very seriously and make no exceptions here: Please do us and yourselves the favour and get a car parking ticket (Auto-Ticket) in advance via the online pre-sale. Thank you!

We want everyone to be able to develop and express himself/herself freely at HER DAMIT – everyone shall be able to be who he or she is. Please respect the personal privacy of the others! At best you can do without taking pictures or filming.

Weapons of all kinds, torches, pyrotechnic articles, vuvuzelas, clothing or other symbols of the right-wing scene and any objects that can cause serious injury are not allowed at HER DAMIT. Bag searches will take place at the doors.

A Bassliner-Shuttle-Service will be leaving on different days. Pick up places, time tables and prices will follow.

Please leave your own sound systems at home! The camping site is meant to be a place to relax and chill out – please be respectful towards the other guests.

Please note: Whoever thinks, he or she does not have to stick to this rule, may have to face „draconian measurements“ ;-)

Shopping and refuelling are quite difficult in our neighbourhood or rather, it’s simply not possible. The next shopping facilities are located about 10 km away, so better be prepared.

In case of a heavy thunderstorm forcing us to interrupt the festival, please get yourselves into one of your cars or caravans. If that’s not possible, please seek shelter in one of the buildings where the security is guiding you to. Please watch out for each other and help each other!

If you are in the open during lightning strikes, crouch down and make sure only your feet touch the ground. Keep your feet and knees together. Keep away from trees, fences, scaffolding and other buildings.

NUMBER OF GUESTS We do not aim at growing excessively and becoming an immensely big festival. We want to preserve that certain intimacy, that very special vibe which constitutes HER DAMIT. Therefore the total number of guests is limited.

PRE-SALE PHASES Up to the point when HER DAMIT finally takes place, we will run through several pre-sale phases with different ticket prices. Every phase is time-limited. We kick it off with Early Bird I followed by Early Bird II and III – all of them are of course cheaper than our regular weekend-ticket.

Early bird phases I-III do not have specific allocations assigned to them (e.g. 400 x Early Bird II or the like), but all three phases together share one. That means theoretically it could happen that e.g. Early Bird III ends earlier than expected because the available amount of tickets assigned to all three phases has already been sold out during Early Bird I + II. In that case, we would directly continue with the regular weekend-tickets.

Hence the motto is: BE FAST AND SAVE MONEY!

Year after year we receive feedback on how special the vibe of HER DAMIT was – especially from the artists! As we really wish to maintain this vibe our former guests from previous festival editions get the exclusive chance to grab one of our Special Early Birds. This „internal“ pre-sale always takes place one month before we kick off the official pre-sale.

expectedly on sale: December 1 - 31, 2018
Cost: 49€ (Friday - Monday, incl. camping)

expectedly on sale: 01.11.2017 - 30.11.2017
Cost: 59€ (Friday - Monday, incl. camping)

expectedly on sale: 01.12.2017 - 31.01.2018
Cost: 79€ (Friday - Monday, incl. camping)

on sale: once all early birds are sold, the latest from 01.02.2018 - 06.09.2018
Cost: 99€ (Friday - Monday, incl. camping) → BOOK NOW 

on sale: until 06.09.2018
Only valid from noon onwards on Saturday until the end. PLEASE NOTE: In the night from Saturday to Sunday we can not guarantee that there will be enough space at the campsite to meet your individual needs – please have that in mind!
Cost: 79€ (Saturday from noon onwards - Monday, camping possibilities might be restricted in the night from Saturday to Sunday) → BOOK NOW 

on sale: until 06.09.2018
Cost: 26€ (Sunday from 10 am onwards – Monday, incl. camping → BOOK NOW 

on sale: strictly limited! If they’re gone, they’re gone. 
Valid for one car. There is a separate car park.
Cost: 15€ → BOOK NOW 

on sale: strictly limited! If they’re gone, they’re gone.
Valid for one caravan or mobile home. Not valid for cars! There is a separated caravan area. Due to fire prevention reasons, it won’t be possible to pitch up tents around the caravans. 
Cost: 10€ → BOOK NOW 

on sale: until 06.09.2018
Optional, not mandatory! If you get to HER DAMIT by bike you can store it at our guarded "bike park". Please bring your own bike lock. Valid for one bike.
Cost: 5€ → BOOK NOW 

TRANSFERABILITY? All tickets are transferable and can, therefore, be given to any other person (18 years or older).

PRINT OUT OR MOBILE TICKET? You can either show the printed out PDF-ticket or the mobile ticket on your phone to have it scanned at the doors. Please make sure that the barcode / QR-code is clearly legible on any printed out ticket.

ADMISSION: ONLY 18+? Yes! We reserve the right to check IDs at the doors and during the event. We also reserve the right to refuse access to HER DAMIT or to expel anyone who is not 18 years of age or older – even if that person is in possession of a ticket. In such a case the ticket cannot be refunded. Please make sure to bring a valid ID card! Student cards, health insurance member cards, credit cards or copies of any ID card are not sufficient. Minors may access HER DAMIT only accompanied by their parent or legal guardian – no exceptions!

TICKET IS MISSING OR EMAIL GOT DELETED? In case you deleted the confirmation email or that you are experiencing any other problem with your ticket, please contact the ticket provider you bought your tickets from:

Eventbrite: www.eventbrite.com/gettickets
Festicket: www.festicket.com/contact

As we are working with service companies providing the ticketing service, we cannot help you with these issues. Depending on where you have bought your ticket, please contact the ticketing provider directly:

Eventbrite: www.eventbrite.com/gettickets
Festicket: www.festicket.com/contact

WASTE SEPARATION INSTEAD OF GARBAGE DEPOSIT The return of garbage deposit isn’t really one of our strengths. We spent quite some time thinking about how we could improve ourselves in this matter and finally came to the conclusion, that the system of garbage deposit is actually not very beneficial when it comes to assuming responsibility for our environment. Everything gets mixed in one trash bag and is thrown away – no matter what’s actually inside.

Instead of sticking to charging garbage deposit, we want to set up a waste separation system for you, so that from now on everything ends up in the right bin.

ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION STARTS SMALL-SCALE This changeover gives us the chance to make HER DAMIT to some extent „greener“. However, accomplishing this goal will only be possible, if you support this mindset and actively take part in this change. Environmental protection starts small-scale – its success depends on every single one of us.

TRASH BINS & (POCKET) ASHTRAYS In order not to tempt you to throw away your waste carelessly in the first place, we will set up trash bins throughout the festival site and the camping site. Please throw your cigarette butts into ashtrays – either pocket ashtrays or the ones found on-site.

DONATION BOX Besides heaps of trash, we also throw away loads of left behind tents, sleeping mats and the like every year – some people obviously prefer not to bother with taking down their stuff and leaving a place in the same condition as they found it.

Such a waste is a shame in our eyes and that’s why we came up with the following idea: You will find a donation box at the entrance to the camping site. There you can leave all unbroken items that you don’t want to make use of anymore and make them available to others (please make sure that tents, sleeping bags etc. are packed up properly). From that box, everyone can choose what he or she likes. Everything that remains in the box will be given to charity afterwards.

FESTIVAL SITE Everyone is allowed to bring one 0,5 litre PET bottle with one’s own drink to the festival site. External beverages in brought along cans or glass bottles are not allowed at the festival site. Bag searches will take place at the entrance to the festival site.

We ourselves do in part give out drinks in cans or glass bottles at our own bars, however, we also claim 2€ deposit for it. Thanks to the deposit you take better care of your glass bottles as you probably wish to get the deposit back in the end. Thus, we all have to cope with less broken glass on-site. Unfortunately, we’ve made different experiences in the past when it came to brought along glass bottles: They only increase the risk of injury and result in tedious and expensive cleaning. If any of the bottles break that we claimed the 2€ deposit for, then we can at least invest the deposit into the costs for paramedics and the disposal and cleaning. We hope this makes it clear, why under these conditions we can only allow external drinks in PET bottles on the festival site – thanks a lot for your understanding!

CAMPING SITE For the reasons outlined above glass bottles are also not allowed on the entire camping site. Please transfer your drinks to plastic bottles or tetra paks in advance! Thank you! Cans are allowed on the camping site.

In general, we wish to ask you to make use of the trash bins situated on-site and to remove your trash self-reliant. Please respect our environment and spare us all the hours-long collecting of trash and glass shards.