HER DAMIT is an intricate techno and house music festival held 50km from Berlin at the Bunkeranlage Freudenberg. THE RAVE GOES ON!

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Ron Blanco


It’s your first time at HER DAMIT. Are you planning on staying the whole weekend and going bananas or will you be all professional?

I actually got to poke my head in last year for a couple hours which was wicked. So this year I'm going to go for the full weekend, not too sure if there will be much time left to keep it professional. 

Tracks you will most definitely play at HER DAMIT 2018?

I never know what I'm going to play until I start a set but since I'm playing b2b with TRP I'd put a good amount of money on Dirty Harry "Stay Forever" being played.

Which tracks or songs are coming to your mind when you think of the 90ies?

I was pretty busy learning how to tie my shoes during the 90ies, so here are a couple current favorites from that era: