HER DAMIT is an intricate techno and house music festival held 50km from Berlin at the Bunkeranlage Freudenberg. THE RAVE GOES ON!

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Which records may definitely not be missed in your selection for HER DAMIT 2018?

It's difficult for me to answer without thinking about different moments during a set, anyways this records will be part of the story I‘d like to tell at the HER DAMIT Festival:

Are there any tracks you never dared to play, but you really would like to?

I guess there are a lot but I‘d like to share just some of them and in some way they will find their spot sooner or later.

What was your most wonderful moment during a gig?

The most wonderful moment during a gig was couple of years ago, when I had the chance to play on a festival in Rügen with a great community of friends and ravers. I arrived at the place by night and had to play one hour later. So I prepared everything quickly and went on the stage. The best was that the stage was in front of the sea! Around 06.00 in the morning the sun was rising above the water, and everything started to became bright and that is the moment for me, after the night, when the ravers are dancing, looking at each other and smiling, without the security of the shadow, where everyone is honest to each other and to her/himself.. this is the real moment for me, and maybe the one that fascinated me most in all these years.