HER DAMIT is an intricate techno and house music festival held 50km from Berlin at the Bunkeranlage Freudenberg. THE RAVE GOES ON!

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Tracks that never leave your bag or signature tracks:

This track works equally as well in a bass or a techno set and has that dank ass bottom heavy stepper vibe I love. Killawatt has a lot of crossover elements that fit my style, Im a big fan.

Killawatt & Ipman - Sur Place (Tempa)

This is the first release on Cultivated Electronics and I was very very lucky to be gifted a test press of this record from Sync 24 himself as there is only one copy flyin on discogs for 50 euro. This track embodies my perfect electro tune... heavy bass with computer funk for the floor.

Signal Type - Future Funked (Cultivated Electronics)

Version is one of my favorite labels and my favorite parties. These guys have cornered a way to play allll the bass music in Berlin and are putting out some of the freshest sounding tunes I've heard in a while. It was really nice to see Benny Ill dust his shit off for this release, I play this Dread Drumz remix almost every set.

Benny Ill - Dread Drumz Remix (Version)

Tracks you never dare to play out, but really want to:

I love this god damn record so much, I listen to it on repeat in my living room constantly and dance my ass off. Its pretty ballsy to drop in a set though and I wish I could play it more often. The YouTube comment says it all 'John B is a crazy nutta but he does produce incredible music. Such a sick, oldskool tune. Big up'

John B - Up All Night (Metalheadz)

The set you always want to play:

Im always just trying to play as much dubstep as possible but it never goes down quite as I'd like lol. I usually stick it in warm ups or at the end of my night to try and take people by the hand. So I guess the set 'Im always trying' to play is one with as much dubstep as I can possibly get away with and still maintain the floor.