HER DAMIT is an intricate techno and house music festival held 50km from Berlin at the Bunkeranlage Freudenberg. THE RAVE GOES ON!

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What gear may definitely not be missed for your live set at HER DAMIT 2018?

Elekton Machines, Shruthi Xt Hybrid, TT-303, TR-09 Roland Rythm Composer accompanied with few effect pedals, and maybe I will also bring my toaster for the extra crunch.

What are you listening to when you’re not in the middle of selecting records for a gig or producing your own?

Lately, I haven’t been listening to diverse music in particular – I don't really have spare time to do so. Apart from that I'm usually enjoying dramatic and cinematic music and scores, as well as experimental stuff that might enhance my creativity.

There is so much music out there and so many different genres to choose from. Basically when there's a notable amount of artists "breaking" the rules of a genre, then you might obtain something interesting and fresh. I'm searching for new and old combinations and all that might interact with my personal taste.

Any (secret) musical passion no one knows about yet?