Friday, 9th June 2017 till Sunday, 11th June 2017

The closest train station can be reached from Berlin in approx. half an hour. From there a shuttle will take you to „HER DAMIT im Exil“ (and return on Sunday, of course). The exact shuttle timetable will be published in due time. Our partner Festicket offers bus rides from several German cities – book your seat here.

If you’re arriving by car or bringing a caravan with you there will be enough space at the campsite or at the parking lot.

Per car / caravan you will need to purchase an additional car / caravan ticket in advance – both are available in the ticketshop.

You may arrive at the location from noon onwards on Friday. The floors will open in the late afternoon. We will finish by Sunday evening, so you can conveniently start your homeward journey on the same day.

You can bring your own drinks to the campsite as well as to the floors! Please respect these two rules though:

  1. To minimize the injury risk NO glass bottles are allowed anywhere on the campsite or at the floors. Please transfer your drinks to plastic bottles or tetra paks in advance.
  2. Everyone can bring up to 1 litre to the floors at a time – either in one big bottle or in several small ones. If you need to stack up your supplies you can go back to the campsite and return whenever you want. Please use the dustbins at the floors or take your empty bottles home with you afterwards.

For a little while we will still keep the location (approx. 50 km from Berlin) secret. Before we will disclose the secret where our journey is taking us in 2017, we will provide you with some visual impressions of what to expect „in exile“ on Facebook and Instagram. Let this much be said: the proven HER DAMIT rave ambience will definitely not missed! 

Just a few minutes walking distance from the venue you will find the campsite where you can pitch up your tents. Camping is already included in the ticket price.

We’re partying outdoors and indoors while the transition from one to the other will be harmonic and smooth…

We see „HER DAMIT im Exil“ as a family & friends rave. Herewith we primarily speak of you, but also of several artists we grew very fond of over the past years – though the line-up won’t lack various new acts, of course!

Connoisseurs of HER DAMIT will know what it means, when we say that we will stay true to our musical selection principles.

Here you can have a look at the so far announced artists for 2017.

Here you can check out the line-up of former HER DAMIT editions.

Family & friends is also the name of the game concerning the allocation of tickets: „HER DAMIT im Exil" is a small event in a rather familiar atmosphere – therefore tickets are strictly limited.

In case you have any problems with your already bought tickets (deleted E-mail or the like), please contact Ticketscript's customer care via this link.


Further info and updates will be added here and on Facebook in due time.