Friday, 9th June 2017 till Sunday, 11th June 2017

Family & friends is also the name of the game concerning the allocation of tickets: „HER DAMIT im Exil" is a small event in a rather familiar atmosphere – therefore tickets are strictly limited.

The weekend-tickets are not personalized and can therefore be transferred to any other person (18+ years old).

In case you have any problems with your already bought tickets (deleted the email or the like), please contact Ticketscript's customer care via this link.

On Friday you may arrive on site from 10am onwards. The floors will open up in the late afternoon. If you wish you may stay till Monday.

Although the location will be kept secret, you shall nonetheless be able to get to "HER DAMIT im Exil". Therefore Bassliner and Festicket offer several shuttle options:

From BERLIN there are two options:

1. Berlin-Ostbahnhof (= recommended!)

Starting from 9€ seats in one of the Bassliner busses are bookable in advance at

2. Bernau bei Berlin

You catch the train or the S-Bahn S2 (extension ticket zone C!) to Bernau bei Berlin – from there shuttles will run regularly. A ride costs 4€ – payable on the bus.

FRI 11am - 10pm

SAT noon - 6pm

SUN 2pm - 10pm

MON 10am - 2pm (only outbound)

Further info can be found at

From HAMBURG & COLOGNE (sold out) Festicket offers additional shuttle busses – you can book a seat here.

Just a few minutes walking distance from the venue you will find the campsite where you can pitch up your tents. Camping is already included in the ticket price.

If you don't own a tent or have to travel far and don't want to carry it with you, you find various camping options in our ticketshop – from DIY-tents over pre-pitched tents up to our soli-glamping.

You can bring your own drinks to the campsite as well as to the floors! Please respect these two rules though:

  1. To minimize the injury risk NO glass bottles are allowed anywhere on the campsite or at the floors. Please transfer your drinks to plastic bottles or tetra paks in advance.
  2. Everyone can bring up to 0,5 litre to the floors at a time. If you need to stack up your supplies you can go back to the campsite and return whenever you want. Please use the trashbins at the floors or take your empty bottles home with you afterwards!

Upon entry every one of you will receive a trash bag and a refund ticket. From noon till 9pm on Sunday you can return your full (!) trash bag together with the refund ticket and will be refunded the deposit of 5€ in cash.

If you're leaving on Monday you can bring your trash bag and refund ticket to the production office in the morning. There you will be refunded your deposit then.

Lost and found items will be collected at the production office where you can check if your belongings have been found. In the aftermath of the festival you can send us an email to – if your stuff has been found, we'll send it back to you at cost price.

At "HER DAMIT im Exil" there is no space at all for folks with homophobic, sexist, racist or in any other way inhuman attitudes or beliefs – in short: No bad people allowed!

We see „HER DAMIT im Exil“ as a family & friends rave. Herewith we primarily speak of you, but also of several artists we grew very fond of over the past years – though the line-up won’t lack various new acts, of course!

Here you can view the complete line-up for 2017.

The exact location will be kept secret till the very end. Let this much be said: It's approx. 50km north of Berlin, close to Bernau bei Berlin, and the proven HER DAMIT rave ambience will definitely not missed! You can get a first impression of what to expect „in exile“ here.

To make sure you still find your way to us, our partners Bassliner and Festicket have set up several shuttles to "HER DAMIT im Exil". Further info can be found under "Shuttle".

The entire location is barrier-free – it can get a bit bumby in some places though.

If you're arriving by car or bringing a caravan you will need an additional parking- or caravan-ticket.

In the night before the festival you will receive the exact coordinates of the location via email.

If you weren't able to grab one of our parking- or caravan-tickets, then we advise you to stop at one of the Park & Ride alongside the S-Bahn S2 (e.g. in Buch bei Berlin). From there you can take the S2 to Bernau bei Berlin and hop on one of the shuttles (further details under "Shuttle").

The closest shopping facilities are in more than 10km distance from our location. Therefore we advise you to do your shoppings in advance. If you've forgotten sanitary products and the like, you can buy them at our campsite-kiosk too.

The same is true for petrol stations: The next one is located in Werneuchen.

Open fire (incl. barbecue) and all pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited at the campsite as well as at the floors. Please have a look at our terms and conditions too.  

As "HER DAMIT im Exil" is located in a densely wooded area, we appeal urgently to you to be particularly careful with your cigarettes! Please DO use the pocket ashtrays that you'll be given upon entry or pick one up at the booth of American Spirit. You're also invited to bring your own pocket ashtrays. Please smoke in the designated areas and throw your cigarette butts nowhere else than into one of the various ashtrays located onsite! We want to rave and surely don't need a forest fire for that!

At almost all our bars you pay cashless. Exceptions: The campsite-bar and the food vendors – there you can still pay with cash. Playpass is our partner for implementing cashless payment. They run this system regularly at various festivals worldwide.

You will receive a so-called NFC card (similar to a credit card), which can be topped up all day and all night at our cashless counters. At any time you will be able to keep track of your remaining balance and you can top up whenever you want. For every NFC card we will charge 2€ deposit, which will be refunded on site for cards returned free from defects .

The refunding process of your remaining balance works as follows:

  1. Note down the number of your NFC card! The number can be found on the back of the card. Together with your NFC card you will receive an additional info sheet on which you can note the number. 
  2. Until Friday, 16th June 2017, you create a refunding account with Playpass to provide all necessary data. The link for creating the account will be available at the coverpage of your website from 12th - 16th June. All entered data is exclusively used for the refunding process and will be deleted immediately once it's completed. 
  3. The money will be returned to your bank account. The refunding process may take up to 4 weeks. The easiest thing will be to simply drink your cards empty! ;-)

As we are going cashless for the first time this year, we have a little special in store for you: In our ticketshop (under "HER DAMIT im Exil - Tickets") you find DRINK-VOUCHERS worth 25€ and 33€. The cool thing about it: You buy it for 20€ and can drink for 25€ or you buy it for 25€ and can drink for 33€! 


Further info and updates will be added here and on Facebook in due time.